About Us

The M.A.D cowl brand is a trade name of J D Burford Ltd, our family business is involved in a variety of sectors born from our main capabilities of metal spinning, metal forming and metal finishing. To see more details on J D Burford Ltd, please visit www.jdburford.co.uk.

M.A.D Cowls was established and first marketed in 2005, however, our roots and vast experience in designing and manufacturing chimney cowls goes back to the early 80’s. Since that time, right up until 2005, the Burford family designed and manufactured chimney cowls for other companies within Europe, who built solid reputations from our designs, quality and dependability.

With the emergence of eastern countries as a source of cheap product within the chimney cowl sector, in 2005 it was time for the Burford family using the brand name M.A.D cowls to step from the shadows of other manufacturers, and to market our own range of chimney cowls. As they say the rest is history, since 2005 we have established ourselves as the main player within the field going from strength to strength in terms of our dominant market presence across the UK.

This dominance has been built on quality, high service levels, and above all hard work.